Best Hair Color Salon NYC

Our philosophy with regard to hair color is simple. Our color goal for you is one that compliments your eyes, skin tone and your style, whether it is subtle and natural or bold and avant-garde.

At Ebony Styles we pride ourselves on our level of expertise in the art of hair coloring. We are among the best hair salon for hair color in NYC.  Our unparalleled coloring expertise allows us to work miracles, whether its highlights to brighten natural-looking tones, cover gray, or an exciting new color.

Single Process

Single Process coloring creates an even color from roots to ends, and offers 100% coverage of all natural hair pigments. Multiple formulations are sometimes used to create balance between root and ends of there is a difference in color shades between the two. To maintain your color it is recommended that a retouch of the roots be done every 4 to 6 weeks. When making your appointment for single process color you should allow 85-95 minutes and 70-75 minutes for a root retouch.

Double Process

If you have darker hair color Single Process may not be enough to achieve your desired color and a Double Process will be recommended. Double Process as the term suggest is a two-step procedure that involves first lightening the hair before tinting the hair to the desired tone. We recommend that you do a retouch of your Double Process color every 4-6 weeks. You should allow at least 2.5 hours for a Double Process appointment.


When it comes to highlights you can do either a full highlights or a partial highlights. With Full Highlight,color is placed on small sections, resulting in a evenly distributed sprinkling of color. Partial Highlight lightens selected sections of hair to frame your face and add contrast to the color, or lend dimension to accentuate a cut.. You should retouch your highlights approximately every 10 to 12 week for maintenance. Service time for Full highlights and Partial Highlights are 1.5 - 2.5 hours respectively.


If you are the non-committal type then maybe a gloss is the answer for you. Glosses are long-lasting yet non permanent process that allows you to to test drive a color that is brighter or deeper than your natural tone. It is perfect for adding shine to natural color or Highlights that may have lost their luster. The process take about 45-50 minutes.

Color Correction

Okay so you attempted the latest celebrity hair color trend at home with a box dye that ended in tears or you have a color done by a well intentioned person/friend that ended in disaster. In this case a Color Correction is just what the hair doctor ordered. When you come in for color correction we will listen and take a careful look at your hair and give you our best recommendation on how to get the color results you want. The price is commensurate with the complexity of the correction, please contact us for a consultation appointment.

Clients choose us because we are the best choice for hair color correction salon in NYC, the best color salon in NYC, the best salon for color highlights, the best best hair salons for Balayage in NYC and the best hair salon for Ombre NYC. How else can we say it, simply put, we are the best.