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*A consultation is required for all Extension an Weave services So we encourage you to request one today.

Extensions have been revolutionizing fashion and are done using a number of different techniques -- KERATIN FUSIONS HAIR EXTENSIONS | TAPE-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS | MICRO-LINK HAIR EXTENSIONS | TRADITIONAL SEW-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS. With hair extensions you can bring about subtle or extreme changes in your hair style.

We are the best hair extensions salon in NYC and offer a large variety of styling options so you can opt for changes in length and thickness, and choose styles that are straight, curly or wavy. Our extensive variety of hair extension techniques will give you the most natural and healthiest option for your extensions. The chosen technique will give you a beautiful, natural, and visually undetectable result without damaging your own hair.

Our hair extension product line consists of only the finest quality 100% remy human hair. The process takes between 2 1/2-6 hours depending on hair length, technique and quantity of extensions added. Your appointment begins with an initial consultation, book one today.


The quality of hair used for your extension is an extremely important factor in how "real" your hair extension will look and feel. That is why we source and carry only 100% authentic human remy hair. This ensures that our clients will have the best possible product for their extensions.


There are three basic techniques of adding extensions to your hair

  • 1. Sew in
  • 2. Strand by Strand
  • 3. bonding/taping.

All other techniques/methods of extensions except for clip-in extensions are variations and or combinations of these three

Traditional sew-in/track:

This is the most common extension method and when done correctly, is one of the safest methods of attaching hair extensions. It is great for people who want to add length or volume to their hair. It is a good way to try out long hair while you grow out your own. Small cornrows are braided into your hair and then a weft of hair is sewn with a needle and thread to the braids. These extensions can be washed and styled like your own hair. This method can last up to 9 weeks with proper maintenance and care.


The strand-by-strand method of hair extensions applications provide a natural and undetectable look. Individually grouped strands of extension hair, usually about 100 strands each, are applied to your own hair and are held with a <span style="text-decoration: underline;">bonded keratin polymer, micro links or other strand bonding method</span>. Done correctly some of these method can last up to 5 months with maintenance.


In bonding, small strips of wefts of hair are attached directly to the client's own hair with special hair glue or skin wefts. This allows the hair to lie flat on the head and done correctly can be virtually undetectable. The adhesive technology behind this method of extension has improve over the years, so many of the new bond hair extensions can last for much longer with proper maintenance.

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