Best Hair Treatments NYC

Hair treatments take dull, dry and abused hair and scalp and restore it to its full glory.

Being one of the best salons in NYC, we have a variety of treatments full of natural oils, humectants, amino acids and proteins to bring hair back to full luster, shine and fullness.  With our hair steamer, nutrient rich hair treatment and moisture are infused into the hair, imparting extreme hydration into the hair to keep it soft, smooth and healthy.

Hydrating Treatment

When hair is dull and dried out from exposure to the elements, like brutally cold and dry winters, hot and parched summers, hair can get dried and brittle.   What it needs is extreme hydration keep in moisturized. At Ebony Styles Hair Salon, we prepare personalized concoction of humectants and oil to bring life back to dry and distressed hair.  The turbo charge the treatment for really dry hair we recommend using the our hairspa steamer with this treatment.

Protein Treatment

Hair is made up of protein and keratin and chemical treatment like relaxers and color and heat styling can weaken the structure of the hair.  When this happens, we recommend a treatment that can replace the lost protein to strengthen hair and rebuild the hair strands from the inside to out.  


Our biocauterization treatment is an intense amino acid treatment infused the strengthening bamboo marrow to restore severely damaged hair.  This treatment is an intense two-step reparative treatment that brings back luster, shine and bounce to extremely damaged hair.  The first step of the treatment is a heat activated process that infuses amino acids into the hair, filling in damaged hair and smoothing the hair cuticle.  The second part is a bamboo marrow and protein treatment that strengthens and hydrates the hair.  For the maximum result we recommend this treatment clients receive three consecutive treatments over 9 – 12 weeks to restore damaged hair.

Scalp Treatments

Hair will only grow and be healthy from a healthy scalp.  Dirt, sweat, and products can clogs pores on our scalp with leads to all typed of scalp issues including dry flaky and oily scalp.  Our scalp treatments, cleanses the scalp, making it perfect to promote rapid growth of healthy hair.  We use essential oils that are massaged into the scalp deep cleaning and activating circulation that leads to hair growth.

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