Best Natural Curly Hair Salon NYC

No Matter if you have LOOSE, TIGHT OR KINKY CURLS Ebony Styles is the best salon for natural curly hair in NYC. Our staff is dedicated to providing individualized service to each client, offering the latest methods and treatments that support the texture of each individual's hair unique curl pattern because we know that no two curls are alike. If yo have tight kinky curls then we have style of options that maintains the integrity of our natural textures but still look stylish, professional and of course healthy. When you come to Ebony Styles you can be confident that you have brought your natural curly hair to the best salon for natural curly hair in NYC. Our stylists are experts at styling, cutting and caring for natural curly hair.

Twist Styles

Depending of the look you want you choose to do a twist style on done either on wet or blow dried hair.  Twists done on blow dried hair are longer and straighter and smoother while on twists are shorter but thicker and fluffy.



Give your hair vivacious bounce, body, and shine with straw curls.  Using normal straws natural hair is set and then dried to achieve a head of soft natural curls.  This is great style option when you are transitioning from relaxers to natural.

Flat Twist-Out

Two stand twist done close the scalp like cornrows dried then untwisted to give a soft not too tight curls.  This is another great style option for transitioning hair.

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