2013 Spring Hair Trends


Spring is upon us and I can’t wait to shed the heavy coat and boots and dress up in the new spring and summer fashions.   Designers have taken inspiration from the ‘60’s, 80’s and ‘90’s in this year’s spring and summer fashion trends.  So along with that this spring the hairstyles are inspired from the same time period.  Think low ponytails and buns, wet and sleek look, deep parts and tousled waves.

Some of the hair trends for this spring and summer can be achieved with little effort and ease, making them perfect for the carefree and relaxed spring and summer seasons.  Low ponytails, looped, knotted and twisted. Tip: Don’t have the length for these buns and knots, get it with extensions.

Kerry Washington is very sexy with bangs and a layered bob. This look can work wavy or straight hair.  Tip: Make your own statement with color and highlights to give your style depth and for an edgier look.

Ann Hathaway's short style is very sleek and elegant with a deep side part. There are plenty of ways to wear a deep side part this spring and summer, sleek and straight or textured.  The deep part can be easily adapted to short or long hair.

From slick to textured, pulled back to side-swept, wet-look hairstyles are on trend for 2013.


I really liked the style trends you highlighted. They are beautiful

This is really great post regarding the hairstyles trends.

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