Keep Your Hair Heathy This Winter with Ebony Styles Winter Treatments


For most people no peroid does more damage than the dead of winter, it bites and brings with it a cold burning wind.  So as old man winter approaches and heaters get going so does the battle for healthy hair.  With over 20 years experiences in expert haircare and styling, Merna sees this during the Winter season where clients will inevitable come in ready to do battle with drying winter hair, but Merna has a different take on it.  She says, she sees Winter as the season of recovery and preparation, because after Winter comes the Spring. Merna has developed a number of in salon treatments with high concentrations of minerals, nutrients and essential oils that repair, hydrate and moisturize your hair.



Bio Reconstructor Treatment: A perfect mix based ameno acids, protein ans oil penetrate deep into the layers of the hair to repair internal damage and restore the chhesion between the cortext and the cuticle.  The bio Reconstructor Ttreatment restores hair fibers in the medulla and cortex reinforcing the hair shaft, smoothes the cuticles protecting the hair from external damage and hmidity.  hair is renewed and feels smooth and soft with bounce and vitality.

Rescue Therapy Treatment:  Deep rescue therapy treatment with plant protein and essential fattyacids repairs, hydrates, and protects weakand fragine hair from further damage.  Restores keratin and protein bands in the hair fiber weakened and damaged from repeated relaxer over-processing, coloring, heat and aggressive styling techniques.  With rescue therrapy treatment hair elasticity is improved and hair becomes stronger and softer with a natural shine.

Humectants are used in hair product for it moisture retension properties.  Essential oils work wonders on your hair and scalp. They are used to cleanse and improve the condition of the scalp, control dandruff, strengthen hair, stimulate follicles and improve the condition of the hair.


Mediterranean Bay Leaf Scalp and Hair Treatment:  An invigorating and aromatic scalp and hair treatment with Mediterranean bay leaf oil and a rich blend of amino acids and minerals purifies the scalp and restores shine and moisture to dull dry hair.  Massaged into the scalp our Mediterranean bay leaf treatment stimulates the hair follicle, activates hair growth and halts hair shedding.

Essential Oil Restorative Treatment:  A cocktail of essential oils penetrates deep into the hair cortex to replenish and restore the fragile bonds along the shaft of the hair.  Smoothes hair cuticles locking in moisture and leaves hair soft and shiny.   Leaves hair sensitized by relaxers, color, and heat styling hydrated, shiny and silky.

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