Ombre Hair Color


The ombre look is one of the hair trends for the season, with subtle sun-kissed color or bright hues. Here are five tips to getting the perfect ombre look this summer.

1. First get a professional colorist who knows about color and the latest hair coloring techniques.

2. Choose harmonizing colors for your roots and ombre ends.

3. Use balayage technique to get a more natural look as your hair grows out.

4. Take great care of your ombre hair so it looks shiny and healthy.

5. Use ombre hair extensions if you don't want to color your own hair.


Long brunette hair with lighter brown and blonde ends from the mid-shaft to the ends with soft body waves framing the face.

Miley Cyrus shows us that with short hair we can still rock the ombre look.  Here Miley keeps her look edgy with dark roots and platinum blonde ends.

Long curly brown hair gets more interested with blonde hues at the ends to give more dimension.

Nicole Rich’s sleek bob pops with a beautiful light chestnut ombre color.  I love that the style can be very fashion forward while conservative.

The ultimate surfer hair with beach waves and sun-kissed ombre color.  Take this look from the city to the beach this summer.



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